As an authoritative source in Cybersecurity training within elite cyber school houses, Chiron presents a comprehensive training portfolio designed to educate professionals in specific work roles within the core Information Operations domain areas. Chiron's core purpose is cyber training, and the foundation of our process is extensive training content, learning labs, exercises and tools developed to Evaluate, Train, Validate, and Sustain the knowledge, skill and abilities of cyber professionals throughout the department of defense and commercial industry.


Chiron specializes in advanced, technical training that maintains currency with emerging threats and updated technology. Our Information Operations (IO) Department focuses heavily on the continuous development, research and testing of evolving techniques and tactics. Chiron has a demonstrated history of frequently updating our courses with output from our research and development efforts as well as new requirements derived from various mission driven organizations. Additionally, we maintain currency of course content by providing a detailed out-brief to the students' organizational leadership after course completion. This serves as a forum for the instructors to field questions, concerns, and issues from supervisors and management as well as providing the customer an opportunity to provide suggestions for modifications, additions and/or subtractions from the course material.


Chiron's approach to course development and delivery includes careful attention to detail, establishing comprehensive lesson plans, and employing innovative supporting materials that directly address performance standards, desirable learning outcomes and employer expectations. Our training framework is built around industry best practices and contract standards/processes, where teams can rapidly respond to new requirements and efficiently tailor existing courses by combining and revising existing learning components and modules.


Chiron's training programs focus on specific job roles identified within each Information Operations Domain Area. Chiron's performance based cybersecurity skills training and validation ensures both individuals and teams are prepared to operate with efficiency and precise expertise in their assigned roles.